Our Mission Statement

    We at Castle Concrete Pumping are committed to providing the highest quality customized service, delivered by professional certified operators and staff. We are dedicated to maximizing the value of our service by offering the most efficient and reliable on-the-job performance, with excellent and well-maintained equipment, at very competitive rates.

Brief History

Napa Valley Lookout Point
Fieldstone Construction, Napa CA

    Rich and Jane Castle established the foundation of the Castle vision in 1984 with only a single mechanical ball pump. But they also had big dreams of providing an exceptional service that would perpetuate its own future by sheer virtue of honest business and ultimate consideration for the customer. They sought to create a broad base of customer loyalty by establishing a trusting relationship with their customers and going to any length to ensure that every pour would go smoothly. They partly achieved this by simply being “part of the solution, instead of the problem” –as was the norm on most jobsites. They also understood that concrete pumping should be more than getting concrete out the end of the hose, and began to develop a class act operation, known for pumping with style and expertise.

    Almost thirty years and many pumping adventures later, Castle Concrete Pumping has grown and adapted to meet the needs of its clientele, while gaining valuable experience in the line and boom pump markets. Castle Pump has earned a reputation for enthusiastically tackling challenging jobs and making them look easy.

    Many talented people have joined the Castle team along the way, becoming a part of the family. Most of them are still with the company today, upholding the high standards of professionalism and strong sense of work ethic. When customers call to schedule pumps, they often ask for operators by name rather than requesting pumps by size. This shows that contractors know that they can and will, receive specialized attention when they call Castle Concrete Pumping no matter how many pumps are added to the fleet.

       In June of 2000 Castle Pumping became signatory to Operating Engineers Union, Local #3 to broaden the horizon for the employees and the company as a whole. With a full range of every pump size available, and several locations throughout the Bay Area, Castle pump can cover an incredible amount of territory and scope of work all over Northern California.

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